Festive Offer (TN, Tel)

Extended Warranty T&C
Extended Warranty T&C
  • The Extended warranty will only cover the equipment/models
  • This additional benefit of Extended warranty for 1 year is a special offer valid from 1 Oct’19 – 31st Dec’19 in Tamilnadu & Telangana region only.
  • The company agrees to provide as special offer “Extended warranty for 1 year” beyond standard terms of warranty coverage.
  • Under this extended warranty offer, only the labor charges would be free of cost but all other charges including the spare part replacement, repair and other expenses would be charged by Westinghouse.
  • Extended warranty with “Retail Invoice” needs to be shown for availing the services under the scheme
  • During the term of this Extended warranty the customer shall not directly or indirectly open, alter, tamper with the equipment or in any way do any act would result in changing the internal operation of the equipment or entrust the servicing of the equipment to any outside agency or person other than the company. The company shall be under no obligation or deemed to be in default for any violation of conditions under this scheme. 
  • The company’s liabilities under this warranty are restricted to ensuring that the equipment is in good working order and to no other liability whether expressed or implied.
  • The company shall not be liable or be deemed to be in default for any delay or failure in performance resulting directly or indirectly from causes beyond its reasonable control including delay in servicing done due to phasing out of product, labor problems, restriction or regulation of the government specially vis-à-vis the import of supplies and raw materials or if the company is otherwise prevented from performing its function under this warranty.
  • The extended warranty offer is not transferable. The obligation of the company under this offer shall cease if the customer ceases to be the owner of the equipment.
  • No refund of any amount shall be due in such cases.
  • This offer is applicable in Tamilnadu & Telangana region only
  • This offer is not applicable for online/e-commerce/internet purchase where the sites don’t have the approval from Westinghouse.

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